The pricing for our services is a flat rate $16 per hour, plus 15 cents per mile for any traveling.

We currently accept only cash and check.

Research will be done in a more or less "first come, first served" fashion; however, there is often 'down time' while waiting for records to be returned from institutions, etc, and we may switch back and forth between cases, as it benefits both the genealogist and the research - it is often best to step a way for a little while from the same group of facts and when you return, you often see something new you didn't realize before.

DISCLAIMER: As stated in the contract, the fees are incurred for the research, and do not necessarily mean that we will be able to find your ancestors. For many reasons, such as poor record-keeping, fires, floods, wars, bad handwriting, poor spelling, lost records, etc., it is very common for there to be little or no information on a particular individual, or groups of them. As such, we cannot absolutely guarantee that our research will result in the outcome you might expect; but we can guarantee we will try our best!

Genealogy Packet

Please fill these three forms of our Geneaogy Packet out to begin: Contract, Tree Info, and Goal Sheet. For the tree, please fill out what you know - your info, your parents, grandparents, etc - anything you know, so that I can begin research! For the Goal Sheet, please fill out what your hopes for this research are; and finally, sign the contract, and choose the options there.